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Orientation Professorship – Advanced Module

Primary target group (orientation)

Post-doctoral researchers with a completed thesis, and PhD candidates well advanced in their doctoral studies, who want to pursue a career in Academia, aiming for a professorship.

Basic information

  • Number of participants per Mentoring Year: 12
  • Module period: 1 year (June - June)
  • Module preparation (March)
  • Transitions between initial doctoral research phase – advanced doctoral research and graduation phase – orientation towards Academia

Module components

Module-specific components

Tandem mentoring (one-to-one mentoring)

Mentors are experienced professors of different disciplines at MLU, as well as external experts where required.

Workshops for key qualifications

1. Workshop ‘Career management in Academia’
2. Workshop ‘Academic profiling in practice’
3. Workshop ‘Topics workshop’ (optional)

Peer-group meeting (informal)

Components spanning all modules

MLU annual meeting (opening and closing event)
MLU mid-year meeting
MLU mentee meeting
MLU mentoring Café (informal)

Module box - Orientation Professorship/Advanced Module
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Module specification

The Advanced Module is characterised, in particular, by the module component ‘tandem mentoring’. Mentors are experienced professors at the MLU, as well as external experts where required. The focus of the mentoring meetings is the transfer of informal knowledge and experience in Academia, as well as the strategic planning and implementation of career moves. The mentoring process is complemented by the other module components (workshops and peer-group meetings) and by module-spanning networking opportunities.

The Advanced Module offers individual and group-specific options for topic and schedule-related commitments:

  • During the PREPARATION PHASE the participants of the Advanced Module, after completing the workshop ‘Preparing for the mentoring process’, suggest experienced professors of the MLU as mentors. A matching-phase follows, supported by the programme coordinators. From the series of workshops, those titled ‘Career planning in Academia’ (1st workshop of the module) and ‘Academic profiling in practice’ (2nd workshop of the module) are scheduled. The topic for the 3rd workshop of the module, as well the timings for the networking opportunity ‘Peer-group  meeting’ (i.e. after the workshop), are set during the preparation phase.
  • During the PROGRAMME PHASE the module components result in a programme structure of about one meeting every other month, with the addition of meetings between mentee and mentor, which are arranged and structured individually.

A generic timetable is given in the outline below

The Advanced Module focusses on the transition from the PhD to the post-doctoral stage, as well as on the time just after completing the thesis.

Participation is open to all female MLU new career researchers of all faculties interested in an individual strategy for their career as a researcher, those seeking a leading position in the economy or aspiring to a professorship. PhD candidates should have finished preparations and deliberations for their thesis concerning their final choice of topic, and should be able to demonstrate they have secured dissertation supervision at their faculty. A formal application for this module is required.

Completing the Foundation Module is recommended to participate in the Advanced Module, but not obligatory. The Foundation Module does offer the best preparation for the matching process in the preparation phase of the Advanced Module.

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Programme module timetable (generic)

Overview of programme timetable (generic)
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